Piece by piece

A Sundon Park Community Project



Luton is a beautiful symphony. Play your part and collaborate with us.


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Due to Covid-19 and limited capacity, please click the meeting details button to book a place at the January 26th Meeting.

Piece By Piece Project

This is a project that has been decades in the making. Hence its name, Piece By Piece.


We will be creating a Community Hub for Sundon Park, piece by piece, over the coming decade.


We are embracing all the local community’s individual skills, talents, and abilities; each person is a jigsaw piece in our society’s landscape.


We are taking inspiration from all the diverse backgrounds and cultures within our community and letting each person know that they are a part of a whole and we need them to be complete. Each person is a tiny thread that makes up the fabric of the community that is Sundon Park.


Click here to view Provisional Schedule of Activities at Leagrave Park Pavilion 

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