Black bright News Shining a Light on Luton’s Go-To People.


Shine a Light on black influencers in Luton, is the theme of this series, and Myrna Loy invited a few people to be interviewed. 

It was such a privilege and honour to be asked. Myrna is a great host and has been a close friend for many years. I enjoy her work and her podcast very much and wanted to share some of her work with you. 


Blackbright News

Shine a Light 

Premiers from the 13-19 December 2021.  

Starting at 9pm with X Factor’s Voices with Soul; on the 14th is Yvonne John; Wednesday it will be her daughter, Dionne Innerarity; Thursday it will be Selwyn Jean-Baptiste; Friday it will be Bob Baker, Saturday it will be Saundra Glenn and Sunday it will be Debra (Naz) Knight. Lawrence Palmer will be featured in the hard copy of Blackbright News along with these community entrepreneurs!

Shining a Light on Naz Knight

Naz Knight was born, raised and made in Luton and is first-generation British-born Caribbean.

Before writing biographical fiction, Naz founded the Queen’s award-winning NINE RED Presents…(CIC). That responds to the Luton community’s needs to bring about social change and positively impact people’s lives.

Naz published her first book in 2016 “Butterfly Drinks Crocodile Tears” a collection of Art, Prose and Poetry with a forward written by Dr Shaun Wallace; Barrister and a“chaser” on ITV’s “The Chase”.

As a child, Naz said that “(she) Never chose to write, words chose me to be their writer,” describing herself as a word mechanic.

Naz is an interdisciplinary artist, whose practice comprises of the exploration of the contrasting yet interconnected elements of light, projection, sound and movement to transform and connect people and spaces, using poetry that delivers messages across all levels of awareness.

Discover her work at Books and Publications. 

A Knight in the Museum - Naz Knight NINE RED Presents...(CIC)

Shining a Light on Myrna loy

Interviewed by her daughter.

Myrna Loy (aka Blackbright is a published author 8 books, including: ‘Lovers Rock (More than a Dance Floor), ‘Poetry’s Promise’, ‘Poetry’s Teacher’, ‘Poetry’s Therapist meets Poetry’s Teacher,’The Other Side of Tourism’, the ‘Spirit of Queens’

Shining a Light on

Saundra Glenn & Voices with Soul

Shining a Light on

Bob Baker & Yvonne John

Shining a Light on

Dionne Innerarity & Selwyn Jean-Baptiste



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