Eve Ov Luton (EVOLUTION)

Spelt Evolution but pronounced Eve Ov Luton.  Is a collection of poetry that explores Womanhood, Society and Evolution.

L-Town Mind 

This is my version of Alicia Keyes’s “Empire State of Mind”. A tribute to my favourite artist and city, with love to my home town 

Eve Ov Luton (EVe’s LUTON)

Spelt Evolution but pronounced Eve’s Luton.  Is a collection of poetry that reflects the Luton Naz sees. 

Luton is a town with an enormous and overwhelming sense of community togetherness.  Luton is a community that rises to face adversity, we support each other, we stand together and we fight for each other.

No matter the issue, the cause or the challenge;  it’s guaranteed within Luton, there will be a community group or individual, grassroots or otherwise that will be there to lead the charge in providing support or helping gain justice.

We are the voices of those misunderstood as angry, uncompromising and obstreperous; for our voices can just as easily be understood as the passionate cry bore out of frustration of powerless people whose voices remain unheard.  Eve Ov Luton explores the hidden voices of our society.



“Metamorphosis” is indicative of the transformation our service users go through as part of their healing.  The costumes depict Earth, Air, Fire and Water as these are natural elements through which one thing becomes another.  Each section has a dual purpose, depicting one of the four elements that form and create transformation of the planet but also the changes we humans experience as we travel through life.   Air & Earth – “We Fly, We Soar” Inspiration behind theme:- We are all Butterflies and Earth is our Chrysalis. Water & Fire –  “We Fall, We Rise” Because water falls and fire rises.

Inspiration behind theme: – Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Confucius.

Paintings, Poetry & Prose


7PM- 8.30PM 28TH SEPTEMBER 2021.


Event Name: Paintings, Poetry & Prose

Event Description: It’s a two-act event with an interactive session.  Exploring identity in the “Black British” community using Paintings, Poetry & Prose whilst having Caribbean tea at the Candle shop!  Guests are invited on a journey through “identity”, both their own and others, exploring what it is to be human, using wax and water.

Recital for H.M. Lord-Lieutenant of Bedfordshire